Frequently Asked Questions

We collect debts from regular installment or subscription payments as well as individual one-time debts: unpaid bills and invoices, personal loans, bonds, contracts and other types of debts or late payments supported by evidencing documents: loan agreements, invoices, way-bills or collateral letters. We accept debts that in various legal stages – pre-court debts and payment obligations (when no legal proceedings of any sort have yet been initiated by the original creditor or supplier…);
claims in the process of legal proceedings (when the court case or arbitration case has been initiated but not finished yet…); after the court cases (when the court review has been concluded, ruling has been made and the Writ of Execution issued…), as well as cases already transferred to the state or private bailiffs. The most important issue is that the document confirming the debt or payment obligation is valid and legally acceptable. We do not engage in debt collection if the debt is inextricably linked with the creditor, that is, a claim for compensation for damage in connection with loss of health or loss of life, a claim for compensation for moral damage. In addition, we do not deal with debt collection if the debt has been originated as a result of performance of work duties for judges, prosecutors and/or lawyers.

When you sell a debt or its claim rights (in cession) to us, you and the debtor will no longer have any legal relationships. By confirming the offer to sell the debt, you will receive a certain amount of money.

By confirming the offer to sell the debt and postponing the payment of the agreed price, we will carry out preliminary and judicial collection of the debt at the agreed price. And you do not have to worry about anything – we will inform you on every stage and results of the collection process on the regular monthly bases in your user profile in our Web-page.

No, we do not apply any registration or advance fees.

You will receive an offer within 2 days period from the registration of the debt in our web-site. Information about the offer will be delivered to you both by e-mail and SMS, but the Offer itself can be viewed in your user profile on the Web-site.

The offer is valid for three days from the date of the offer. As the financial situation of debtors may change, we are reviewing the debt offer after the due date.

We carefully assess the solvency of the debtor/s and the quality of the debt supporting documents provided by you. After evaluating all the information, we will present you with adequate terms and conditions for the sale of the debt/s. The terms and conditions of the sale offered to you depend on the solvency of your debtor and quality of the submitted debt supporting documentation.

Both individuals and legal entities wishing to receive the amount due from their debtors can apply to us, open personal account and register one, several or many debts for collection.

We also sign contracts with and collect debts from debtors who are not Georgian citizens and/or Georgian legal entities, but – only those debts which originate in The Republic of Georgia.

The creditor’s personal information is necessary to verify that the debt/claim supporting document/s were submitted by the person who has the right to claim against the debtor. Only after making sure that we are approached by a person who has such right, we will be able to verify the information about the debtor/s and make an Offer to buy or collect the debt.